Tethered is an inspirational portrait of selfless commitment and unrelenting obedience, a call to today’s believers to boldly enter their personal mission field.

– Karen Sargent, author of Waiting for Butterflies

Henrietta, America’s first woman missionary to China, lived just eleven years after sailing for that ancient land, but her name is emblazoned in the history of Baptist women of courage and commitment who will continue to inspire a new millennium.

- Rosalie Hall Hunt, IMB Emeritus Missionary to East and Southeast Asia, speaker, author of: Bless God and Take Courage: The Judson History and Legacy, We’ve a Story to Tell: 125 Years of WMU, and Her Way: The Remarkable Story of Hephzibah Jenkins Townsend.

In Tethered, Brenda H. Cox inspires us with the Christian strength, sensitivity and sacrifice of Henrietta Hall Shuck, first American woman missionary to China. Here is true Christian ministry and church history at its best—the re-telling of a life transformed by the power of the gospel, the losing of one’s life only to find it. At a time when too many regard Christian ministry as an opportunity for self-expression and fulfillment, Dr. Cox reminds us that true Christian ministry is Christ’s mission to transform sinners to live obediently to him for the spreading of his gospel.

- Dr. David P. Smith, pastor of Covenant Fellowship ARP Church and author of B. B. Warfield's Scientifically Constructive Theological Scholarship.